Although once the preserve of the manufacturing industry, the introduction of a Lean approach and Lean practices within the AECO (Architecture, Engineering, Construction & Operations) sector can dramatically improve productivity and efficiency whilst simultaneously eliminating waste, resulting in better quality products and services.

Indeed, the successful implementation of Lean thinking can transform businesses, energise their workforces and provides results far in excess of those previously obtained. Furthermore, the adoption of lean thinking principles can lead to increased value for all those involved in the supply chain, by harnessing unproductive capacity.

By making construction easier, better and faster, clients will also reap benefits in terms of improved project delivery. However, the successful implementation of Lean thinking and practices requires strong leadership and constant maintenance otherwise the advantages will not be sustainable. Indeed, the high failure rate in adopting a Lean approach to business or in implementing it properly is mostly due to a failure of leadership, fear of change and lack of the necessary skills and knowledge.

The Lean Construction Show, which is being held in at the National Arena, Sport Ireland Campus, Blanchardstown, Dublin, on 2nd - 3rd April 2025 as part of the annual National Construction Summit, will provide practical advice for AECO professionals on how to implement a Lean management system, assess the current success of any existing system and, equally importantly, how to embed a culture of continuous improvement to ensure the endeavour reaps maximum benefits and is long-lasting.